Every student hopes to get good grades while studying for exams. During this critical period, you seek effective ways to spend your time studying and learning. However, finding the correct answer “how to score good marks in NEET 2021” is not always easy.

Every year, around 10 lakh candidates take the NEET exam to compete for 1 lakh places in various medical and dental institutions throughout the nation. That speaks a lot about the level of competition that medical students face when they begin their NEET exam preparation.

Because the level of competition in NEET exam is quite high, you must be well-prepared to get admission to one of the country’s top medical schools. If you did not study enough in Class 11, now is the time to pull up your socks and go to action. Because the NEET course contains over 13,000 topics, your NEET exam preparation must be excellent.

If you want to know how to get 150+ in Physics and Chemistry on the NEET 2021, continue reading. In this article, Yschool specialists have provided thorough knowledge for NEET aspirants about everything they need to know to get 150+ in NEET Physics and NEET Chemistry on the NEET 2021.

Before we go into how to achieve 150+ in Physics and Chemistry on the NEET 2021, let’s have a look at the test itself:

 Name of Examination National Eligibility cum Entrance Test
 Acronym Used Commonly NEET
 Conducting Body Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
 Mode Written
 Subjects 4
 Time Limit 3 Hours
 Total Questions 180
 Subject Wise Questions 45
 Maximum Marks 720
 Marks per Question 4
 Negative Marking Yes (-1)
 Courses Offered through the exam MBBS, BDS

The National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NEET) covers areas such as physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology.

NEET Marking Scheme

Total Marks720
Total Questions180
Marks Awarded for Correct Answer4
Marks Deducted for the Wrong Answer (Negative Marking)1
Marks Deducted for  Unanswered QuestionsNone

NEET Marking Scheme Subject-wise

Biology (Botany and Zoology)90360

Many NEET aspirants concentrate on the Biology and Zoology parts of the NEET test. However, if you want to get over 600 points in the NEET 2021 exam, you must focus on the Physics and chemistry parts of the test.

Further, we will share the finest NEET exam strategies that will assist you in planning how to gain 150+ marks in the NEET Physics and NEET Chemistry portions.

Before the examinations, you must wonder if NCERT books are adequate for NEET chemistry study or whether HC Verma books are adequate for the NEET examination. We will answer all of your questions in this post, leaving no room for uncertainty in your NEET exam preparation.

You have got an opportunity to score better. Following tips and tricks will surely help you to prepare for your NEET exams in the best way possible.

  • Follow a proper diet:

Having nutritious food, drinks, and juices offers high energy and protein, allowing the brain to operate quickly and also help you remember what you learned. Increase your diet of fruits and green vegetables while simultaneously increasing your intake of proteins and healthy fats. Furthermore, our bodies are composed of 70% water, thus it is critical to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly. Consume a sufficient quantity of protein in your diet to help you focus on your NEET exam preparation and to build your physical strength.

  • Maintain and Follow a Time-table :

The first and most important thing you have to do is write down a timetable and have it near your study table. If you have a timetable, the time for all of your NEET topics will be allocated equally. Make a weekly or monthly schedule. This way, you’ll know what you’ll be studying the next day, and sticking to a study plan will save you plenty of time for planning every day and preparing each part or subject. Making a schedule only for the sake of the term would be ineffective. You must strictly adhere to this.

  • Make a List:

 • A list of the chapters you must cover in NEET 2021.

• A list of your strong and weak areas of expertise. So you can get a sense of which topics require more attention and time, and then prepare for your NEET exam appropriately.

  • Clear Your Concepts :

When you are learning something, the notion should be clear enough so that you can learn more easily. NEET Physics is a topic that covers all practical applications and principles, as well as certain numerical calculations. As a result, if you have any confusing notions, clarify them right away. NEET Chemistry, on the other hand, is concerned with reactions, atomic structures, and so on. As a result, your point of view on this should be clear. Therefore, understand the concepts rather than mugging them up.

  • Choose the Most Beneficial Study Material :

Better study resources enable better learning. As a result, all NEET study materials must be gathered. Although NCERT books may not appear to be sufficient to achieve a score of 150 in these two topics, it is critical that you completely review them before going on to other NEET reference books. In addition to NCERT, HC Verma is an excellent resource for Physics, while OP Tandon is an excellent resource for Chemistry. You can go for online learning solutions and join NEET online classes to score better in NEET 2021 exam.

  • Consistent practice:

If you truly want to know how to get 150+ in Physics and Chemistry on the NEET 2021 exam, you must grasp the need for frequent NEET exam preparation. Physics is concerned with numbers, but Chemistry is concerned with diagrams and bonding structures. They appear to be simple, yet they are not. Because numerical questions comprise up 80 percent of the Physics paper, make some effort to practice numerical questions based on one topic before moving on to the next. Also, anytime you learn a formula, practice answering a few questions based on it to ensure you completely grasp how to apply it.

  • Get a Teacher:  

You may prepare for your NEET exam on your own, but if you are unable to do so, get a tutor with experience in this subject. An experienced individual will always point you in the proper direction. If you are unable to enroll in an institute owing to the pandemic, you might take advantage of various NEET online courses provided by institutes. As an example, consider the yschool learning app. 

  • Mock Tests are used as a trial run.

It’s a good idea to practice with NEET sample papers and prior year papers. However, you must prepare yourself to deal with the test room pressure. To do so, you must complete all NEET mock tests in a timed scenario. This will help you understand how to think on your feet throughout the exam. Not only that, but it also lets you know the pattern, the sorts of questions that are asked in the NEET exams, the amount of time given, and many other crucial data. When you practice the previous year’s question papers, you acquire a sense of how much time you need to finish, and your time management improves.

  • Create Your Own Space:

You must have a distinct area or location where you can study without being distracted. This might be your study room, balcony, patio, or even a library. Study in a peaceful location that is well-organized. Keep essential things, such as notes and stationery, close to reaching. Arrange your NEET books and NEET exam study materials carefully to prevent misplacing notes and resources.

  • Do Not Leave Any Topic Unfinished:

The most common error that students do is jumping from one topic to another. This, by far, is the most severe misstep. Study sequentially to avoid missing any essential subjects presented in the various chapters. You may register for applications such as Yschool and receive that added benefit if you want organized chapter content. It will make your preparations easier and allow you to stay on schedule.

Pro Tip:

It is not difficult to get high grades; you simply need to prepare for NEET 2021 carefully. The above-mentioned techniques and tricks would work like magic. If you are a serious student looking for a place in one of the finest institutions for your future studies, then simply follow these instructions and study hard. This post has attempted to include all feasible tips that, if followed, would get you 150+ in Physics and Chemistry. 

Best wishes, young Aspirants!