Education technology is one of the most revolutionary and rapidly-spanning areas of tech today. With time, classrooms have migrated from the hefty desktops to technology-infused mobile phones and tablets. The new generation is beyond traditional text information and vibrant images, they are fond of technology, be it playing games or to be an aspiring Morse code learner. Simplifying the learning process and enhancing productivity, Ed-tech apps are drawing the attention of students from all over the globe. Ed-tech tools are a creative amalgamation of classic academic resources and newly- fangled notions of learning that are brilliantly served in the form of interactive online courses, videos, live streaming, recorded lectures, etc. With numerous Edtech applications scattered all over the internet, finding the “one” is a task. Here we are with the “The best 8 Edtech apps to enhance productivity”. These Ed-tech apps are brilliantly designed prioritizing the pace and learning style of students. 

Let’s dig into it and help you out to choose the right pick for you. 

The budding Ed-tech app has managed to gain an immense amount of attention in a small period. The app caters to individual learning styles of candidates ranging from 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th standard to IIT and AIIMS aspirants. Yschool app offers live video classes, video content courses, online rigorous testing and learning content along with mentorship to provide quality learning to every student. The app provides classes from India’s best teachers and has developed the complete app in house leveraging their >15 yrs experience in industry . The company was earlier known as Edusquare and has produced many top JEE / NEET rankers in the past. You can download the app here


Vedantu is one of the best online learning apps that has empowered more than 950000 students across 500 cities worldwide and has raised over 80 million from Tiger Global capital network. the live online learning platform uses Technology to bring together teachers and students on a single platform. The app comprises a learning system that covers student-teacher interaction, doubt solving questionnaires, quizzes, and various learning patterns. It also personalizes learning based on each student’s style of learning to make it more engaging and effective.

The App is available on Google Playstore.


Talking about Etdtech applications and not mentioning Unacademy would be a concern. The renowned Unacademy was started as a YouTube channel which later on evolved into India’s leading EdTech platform. It has raised nearly two hundred million dollars from investors. The Edtech company claims to have more than 13 million learners and it gets over a hundred million views on its various platforms like Unacademy Plus, Unacademy studios, Wifistudy on monthly basis. 

The App is available on Google Playstore.


Parent’s favorite Edtech app- Byjus has earned more than 40 million subscribers with 2.8 million paid subscribers. It has raised 1.4 billion dollars from the likes of Tiger Global, General Atlantic, and Tencent, Byjus is the third most valued startup in India after Paytm and Oyo. The app provides live classes by India’s best teachers. Students can choose their preferred topics and free online courses. 

The App is available on Google Playstore.


Meritnation is an online education startup based in Delhi. It offers learning content for students for classes 1st to 12th- CBSE ICSE and leading state boards. Meritnation provides study materials, tests, proficiency tests, and Olympiad packs. It covers social network experience for education and also tracks each student’s progress and provides personalized recommendations along with analytical data to work on their strength and improvement areas.

The App is available on Google Playstore.


Doubtnut is helping students from 6th grade to 12th grade to clarify their doubts by providing them quick and easy solutions to their math problems. The app has already crossed 13 million active users and proudly boasts of having 85% of its user from smaller cities in the last three years. It is a multilingual online learning app that uses AI and ml Technologies for image recognition, natural language processing, and a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to provide video-based solutions in response to students’ queries

The App is available on Google Playstore.


Topper, the online learning platform is conceptualized on the subscription-based model. it offers online classes, live lectures, interactive doubt- clearing sessions, and mock tests. Toppr has more than 1 million students on the platform which has grown 10 times in the last 3 years. The app provides the widest K12 syllabus coverage with 1.5 million course combinations. It uses natural language processing to solve doubts instantly. 

The App is available on Google Playstore.


The app specializes in offering courses in emerging technologies like blockchain, data science, machine learning, and digital marketing. Upgrade has managed more than 350000 students and currently has more than 18000 active page subscribers on its platform. The app works on Data Analytics and tracking of the kind of engagement. The app also implements data science to work on the area of improvements of students.

The App is available on Google Playstore.

Next education

The Edtech app is based on k12, It provides study materials and products that cover the syllabus and curriculum of CBSE ICSE and 23 state boards in eight major Indian languages. Their technology platform is based on Linux and opens sourced. It has leading products like learn next, Math lab, Science lab, and English lab.

The App is available on Google Playstore.


“Nobody is a backbencher” in the world of Edtech is a cherry on the cake. These Ed-tech apps motivate students to stay engrossed through interesting forms of learning and digital classrooms where students do not miss being physically present in the school. With the help of handy interfaces, increased classroom engagements enhanced learning capabilities, both teachers and students receive positive results. 

Henceforth, technology is a catalyst that motivates a student to be the most refined version of them and helps educators or teachers to flourish positively. What is your take on booming Edtech culture, let us know in the comments.

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