While students are restricted from schools for time being, The mode of school education has completely transformed for the betterment of students. Not just schools are offering online classes to students so that they can still get their education, there is a plethora of education/ learning apps such as YSchool (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.saathi.edusquare) are available on the internet, are becoming best online practices while learning at home as they ease out the entire learning process.

Online Learning is a Boon

It can still be a struggle to adjust from physical classes to online classes. Though physical classes have their benefits but keeping the current scenario and evolving education technology in mind Online classes have mapped learning remarkably. Online classrooms offer freedom to learn whenever, wherever and it works best for them while balancing their studies and life at home.

If you are a beginner, Online Classrooms may give you a hard time but if you develop skills for the same you will find online learning much more effective in comparison to traditional classrooms. To knock it off, we are sharing some effective tips and suggestions on “Best Online Practices While learning at Home.”

Let’s make our Online Learning effective:

Let’s make your online learning effective:-

Planning is the Foundation

Planning is a prerequisite as a best online practice while learning at home. Planning for online lectures helps you to create a distinction between pre-recorded lectures and live lectures. Pre-recorded lectures are the lectures that have been uploaded and can be used at any time, whereas live lectures require attendance at a certain moment. You cannot afford to miss the live lectures, the moment you miss a spot, you miss an entire note like in physical classes. So it is important to create a schedule for yourself. Choose to watch your pre-recorded lectures in the early morning, as mornings are productive. You can create a digital calendar or sticky notes as a reminder for your next live lecture. So once you have a stud you’ll for your online lectures it will be easier to prepare yourself.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming lecture

It is important to prepare yourself for an upcoming lecture depending on what you normally do you should prepare yourself. Make sure to read the study material from a textbook that teachers are going to discuss in the online classroom and also give a read to the online study material such as PowerPoint presentations, PDFs (If your teacher/ professor provides one). Being pro-active makes you more confident in class. Preparing is not limited to reading out study material. It also means you can watch the online lecture at ease.

Say No to Distraction

There should be no distractions when you are about to start or during the online lecture. It simply implies that you will require a silent workspace to watch online lectures. Choose a quiet place in your house where you can watch the online lectures at peace, If you want you can use your headphones to create some kind of study zone to get less distracted by the things around you. Always remind your family members or roommates before you start your online classes so that they can be quiet and avoid causing distractions.

Clean space is a Doorway to a Clean Mind

A clean space is a clean mind and your study area is an area of knowledge and learning. Make sure you keep it neat and clean. Always give a quick clean-up and declutter your workspace before you start the online lectures. Remove things from the study table that are not required during the lecture. Add a glass of water to keep you hydrated while studying online.

Make notes during Online learning at Home

Making notes is one of the best online practices. Whether you are a person who enjoys making handwritten notes or you are more of a computer junkie, choose before you start your online lecture. Handwritten notes make you remember things more easily because it forces you to listen to your teacher carefully and write them down. On the other hand, making notes on a computer/ laptop is much faster also your hands are more relaxed. Making notes on a laptop is not just less time-consuming, it also helps you keep your notes in one place. Rest it is all about personal preferences.

Avoid using the pause button

Pausing the class during online lectures will only slow you down. If you pause the lecture to create some time to take a break you have missed that specific note. It is similar to traditional classes, where you skip or forget to pay attention and you miss an important note. Also more you use the pause button, you tend to create more distractions as you create more opportunities to do something else. Make sure you are alert enough by asking questions for answering questions. Also if you do or do not understand something appropriately ask your questions but don’t distract others or yourself while doing so.

Summarize the lecture You Watched

Summarization is one of the best online practices while learning at home. It helps to understand the material and memorize it faster. You must keep the summary of the online lecture/ class on your laptop or notebook. Try to keep your summary short so that it can give a quick overview of the entire lecture. It will also help you during your examination preparation times. If you find difficulty in writing elaborated sentences while studying online, you can draw tables or charts to save time.

Be Real with Online learning

To start with Online learning, you have to treat online learning like real learning. You must have to get realistic with the Online classrooms. You have to pay serious attention to interactions with your teacher, study area at home, your home assignments, and notes like the traditional learning practices. Your active participation helps you in your learning process.

A Small Treat is Mandatory

Last but not least, treat yourself after attending your online learning sessions at home. Take a ten-minute break before you start the next online class. Allow some rest to your eyes and grab a light snack before you go!

Things to Remember:

⦁ Set up your study area.
⦁ Test your speakers’ microphone or webcam.
. Get a comfortable chair and the table.
⦁ Avoid sitting on the bed or couch.
⦁ Keep your system at a comfortable eye level.
⦁ Keep your webcam or camera on during the session but turn it off while you are not speaking.
⦁ Inform your family members beforehand to avoid distraction during the session.

Keep Learning

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We hope these “Best Online Practices While learning at Home” are going to be of use to you, if you have some add- ons to it, do let us know in the comments.

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Happy Learning!