Olympiads: The best training you need to crack one

Throughout the year, you prepare for several competitive tests. Olympiads are an example of a renowned exam. All of these competitions are held on a national and worldwide scale.

Olympiads are more than just an extra test in your curriculum; they are a way to grasp the material better. Despite this, Olympiads are viewed as an afterthought, and many people ignore them.

Any Olympiad preparation is not time-driven; it depends somewhat on your ability to study and absorb any idea. Therefore, Olympiads should become a habit from a young age, although they will become a routine.

Also, it is time to start using Olympiads as a learning tool instead of just a fun exam.

Schools are required to participate in Olympiads, which measure students’ competitiveness in today’s competitive environment. SOF organizes six Science Olympiad tests each year through the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF).

Knowing the advantages of taking an Olympiad test, you may be asking yourself, “How can I pass an Olympiad exam?” Planning and practicing are vital components of a successful Olympiad preparation.

How to Crack Olympiad Exams?

Participation in monthly Olympiads

Participating in Olympiads every month is one of the most acceptable methods to prepare for them. Science, Maths, English, GK, Drawing, and Essay have monthly Olympiads equivalent to mock examinations or demo tests performed every month. Every fourth Saturday, these examinations are conducted online. For the yearly Olympiads, you can use any tablet or smartphone and practice all year. You can prepare for the monthly Olympiads by preparing chapter-by-chapter. All Olympiad participants have found the monthly online examinations to be quite beneficial.

Plan each day in advance

You must be prepared and have a study plan. In addition, you should create a timetable and split the topics equally amongst them. It is crucial to plan out how many days you will need to complete your course. Also, save a copy of the past month for future use. Always test yourself after completing a topic to see how much you have retained. Doing this will assist you in determining which sections need to reconsider. After establishing a study timetable, you must begin your study sessions immediately. You’ll need to jot down a few notes that will assist you in remembering the idea. After completing a topic, note all problematic parts and re-read them to better understand the subject matter. After completing the whole session, prepare for the final exam.

Learn about the course syllabus:

 Indian Talent Olympiad explains the Olympiad syllabus in depth. Having a solid understanding of the curriculum makes it easier to focus on subjects that may appear challenging at first.

Assemble all the necessary resources:

Your knowledge of the sorts of questions and the trends in Olympiad examinations should be solidified by now. In other words, it is your task to find suitable study material to study with. There is a little question whether both paperback volumes provide enough material for study (offline and online). In addition, you can use internet videos as a resource.

You can begin the preparation process with any of your existing study materials. But only the most relevant material may lead to success in the Olympiad exam. Choosing study materials for Olympiad exams is, therefore, a difficult task.

Check out the following ideas to help you select the finest study material:

Make sure to select a study guide that explains all the concepts in a simple yet effective manner so that you can better grasp them all.

It is always better to prioritize quality than quantity when making decisions. For example, study materials may be short in pages yet contain the most excellent problem-solving techniques.

 Practice sample papers:

Indian Talent Olympiad provides past year’s question paper sets for you to practice. Use these sample papers to familiarise yourself with the sort of questions answered in the final examinations. It projects an idea of how tough the exam will be, so you can prepare adequately. Olympiads need you to know how many questions you can answer within a specific time restriction. On the website of the Indian Talent Olympiad, you may purchase past year’s question paper sets.

Consistently participating in the Olympics has many advantages.

•It improves your thinking skills and helps you analyze your talents. However, there are intellectual hurdles as well as a better grasp of scientific theories.

Competing at a national or international level exposes you to a new degree of exposure. A good starting point for JEE & NEET preparation. Olympiad test questions help you better comprehend subjects than in class.

Results in these Olympiads offer you a sense of accomplishment and boost your confidence for future participation. Olympics constantly push you out of your comfort zone and fuel your passion for life.

Olympiads have always been more than merely an examination. Olympiads were designed to instill confidence in you and improve your analytical reasoning, as well as your overall mental development.

Many national and international Olympiads have a higher difficulty level than JEE Advanced and prepare you for the exam better than anybody else. These include NSEP, NSEC, PRMO, RMO, INMO, INChO, and INPhO.

You will also be hand-picked by several National & International Institutes after you have cleared these Olympiads before you sit for the JEE-IIT Exam. On that account, there are high chances that you will be preparing for IIT Bombay or IIT Roorkee and have a good chance of earning a Stanford or Harvard degree.


Practice makes perfect.

It requires much training to be successful in any exam in life. This is because your knowledge of basics improves with more practice. Therefore, any exam preparation must include a significant amount of rehearsing and getting the appropriate material, putting in the effort, and keeping a good mindset.

To strengthen your competitive spirit and help you fly, it is time to make Olympiads a habit.

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Five best memorization techniques for exams:

The science behind memorization

One of the most familiar concerns students have before entering an exam room is that their minds will go blank and forget all they know. So, ‘Do not cram for the test!’ Does this ring a bell? If you have ever tried to improve your recalling power for exams, you have heard of this ‘golden rule.’

You often forget what you learned for your assessments and cannot recall it since there is too much curriculum to study and not enough time to know before the exam. However, it is not a matter of time; it is a matter of memorization. No matter how constantly you repeat your curriculum, your brain will not recite anything during the test. Again, this happens due to the difficulty in learning, concentration, and recalling.

Rote memorizing, or remembering anything by repeating it as many times as possible, is no longer an option. Studying should be enjoyable, including thorough assessment and the discovery of new things. Unfortunately, rote memorizing lacks all of this.

So, how do you keep that information from fading once you enter the exam room? Yschool has devised five effective methods to help you study more effectively.


Everything requires practice. Many of you have trouble recalling information and content since you don’t work your intellect daily. As the subjects become more complex, your mind is unprepared to deal with the knowledge.

Instead of wondering how to memorize quicker for tests, you should learn to use your memory more efficiently when studying.

The more frequently you study content, the better your mind will be able to teach itself to recall what you have learned with far more precision. Aside from studying class content regularly, you may do specific memory hacks to enhance your memory for your next test.

So, in this piece, we will talk about how to remember what you have learned. These strategies assist you in remembering and recalling anything you have learned.

Remember that learning is more than simply memorization; it is also necessary to employ the following memory methods and other great study habits such as effective time management and organization. This will abet you in ensuring that you are not merely remembering the content but rather working toward a better grasp of the subject.



Create patterns and words from the information you need to remember. For example, associating the first letter of each item with a word, phrase, or rhyme can make information easier to recall. These tricks are beneficial to help remember lists and ordering information.


Read information by acting it out. Using gestures and auxiliary movements can help you better recall facts and figures with motor memory. If you can’t roam around when studying, use your imagination to picture it in your brain.


Revaluating the material after your study session is always a great idea. Make a mental note of everything you have forgotten, and review those areas again. This means writing down details after the lecture ends, write down any questions you have, and asking your lecturer ASAP. Before exams, create flashcards and review them every few days instead of the last 24 hours!


Teach the facts you’re reading to someone else to fully imprint them in your mind. Teaching forces you to summarise, compress, explore, and form conclusions, promoting more profound personal knowledge. This is ideal for university study, which favors analysis instead of pre-university, which is typically more fact-driven.


While you’re studying for your exam, pamper yourself. It constantly revitalizes and energizes your intellect. So, after you’ve completed any of your chapters, reward yourself with some delectable meal. You feel fantastic after eating and are ready to go on to the next part. A pleasant emotion is necessary since it aids memory.


Exercise is not only suitable for the body, but it also helps the brain to remember things. So exercise refreshes and boosts your mind. It is worthy for all those who want to remember what they have studied. So always exercise or go for a walk for some fresh air and boost your mind.

These are the best memorization techniques for exams. I hope you found the article interesting. Share your reading experience and provide comments on the piece.

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Self-motivation is the ability to perform without being influenced by other people or events. In other words, it’s a way to keep working toward a goal even when it is difficult. Constructive attitudes are the best self-motivation tools. You cannot select or control your circumstances, but you can choose how you respond to them.

To achieve good outcomes, you must build and draw on inner strength – deep trust in yourself undisturbed by external events and experiences. When you have this much faith in yourself, you will be unstoppable.

Some students believe that the most challenging part of studying is getting started. The rest is simple after you’ve taken the first step. On the other hand, others find it hard to stay focused when studying, especially when the result seems far away. This scenario may happen, for example, when preparing for examinations that are still months away.

It might be tough for you to stay motivated. So here is a list of how to self-motivate. Implementing something like this is an excellent approach to maintain consistent self-motivation.


Self-motivation is sometimes tough since it comes from the inside. If you don’t address the underlying issues hindering your growth, you may blame others for your failure. You can rely on external circumstances and people for inspiration in some situations, but in the long run, you are the one who must put in the effort. It is up to you to take control of your life.


One of the most excellent methods to stay motivated is to recall why you are learning in the first place. ‘Getting good exam scores’ is not always encouraging. Instead, please consider what your exam scores would earn you, whether it’s a spot at your preferred school or university or a new career. The more specific you can be about your objective, the easier it will be to adhere to work.


It is an old-school trick which you can use. However, sometimes the best inspiration comes from the reward you offer yourself after you accomplish something.

Set some short-term goals for yourself and reward yourself when you accomplish them. It’s interesting if you want to stay motivated. Pausing to relax is essential for maintaining a happy attitude. Fulfilments guarantee that you are motivated to prepare for examinations. We understand how tough it is to take a long enough break from the activities we enjoy! That is why it is required to continue rewarding yourself. It elicits good feelings and creates the impression that an effort will result in a favorable reward. The chosen rewards must be relevant and appealing to your position.


When you don’t see success as soon as you expected, or when your plans run into a block, frustration is the first step toward giving up. Then, as the hurdles mount, irritation turns to despair, and you may convince yourself, “This objective is unattainable.”

Your brain is constantly assessing whether it is worth continuing. It is the mental mechanism that keeps a continual count of the effort-to-progress ratio in any endeavor. Therefore, you must have confidence in yourself. And keep in mind that there is a ray of hope waiting for you in the darkness.


You need individuals around you who can help you stay focused on your goals. People who have an extensive support system, or even just one helpful person, do better than those who tackle it alone.

Here your nearest and dearest come into play. You need individuals who can connect to you, see you, and encourage you to stay optimistic.

On the other hand, an unsupportive atmosphere causes psychological and bodily suffering, which hinders progress toward reasonable goals.


Searching for motivational quotations for encouragement on google or seeking guidance from a mentor might benefit you on your way to success. Learn more about renowned role models or leaders you like and how they use self-motivation. As you read about their methods and challenges, you may be able to pick up some techniques or get inspiration.


Remember that making positive changes in your life does not happen quickly. Try to make modest steps when attempting to attain a significant objective. Cherish your victories along the road because following a huge ambition isn’t easy, but you deserve it.

These are some techniques for staying motivated throughout tests. I hope you found the article interesting. Share your reading experience and provide comments on the piece.

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Top 7 Android study apps to prepare for JEE Mains

The National Testing Agency organizes the JEE Main test (NTA). The test serves as a doorway for candidates interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering at prominent universities in India. Currently, the JEE Exam is divided into two phases: JEE Main Entrance and JEE Advanced, the results of which are used to determine admission to NITs, IITs, and other institutions. Without a doubt, the test is the hardest crack due to the complexity level of the questions. Moreover, as the number of aspirants rises, the struggle becomes even more difficult.

As the COVID-19 wave gripped the map, everybody is confined to their homes, and online classrooms and educational programs are playing an essential aspect in assisting applicants with their JEE Main 2021 preparations. Only hard effort and consistent practice can help you achieve a decent JEE Main score. Because the IIT JEE 2021 test is a prestigious and extremely difficult nut to crack, it is vital to prepare well for it. Students would benefit from mobile applications since they can carry it with them everywhere they go and do not have to lose any of their valuable time. Many students study for this exam, and every student wants to remain ahead of the competition, which is becoming highly competitive.

Students can indeed practice for examinations by using android applications. There are several Android applications explicitly designed for JEE Main 2021 candidates that make studying simple, cost-effective, and comfortable. These Android applications will assist you in answering JEE Main 2021 practice tests, analyzing your performance, and providing you with limitless access to study resources.

Candidates can comprehend the structure of the JEE Main 2021 exam, evaluate the time they spend on questions, analyze the difficulty level, and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Above necessary, the applications are less expensive than purchasing numerous books or resources from other sources. Although it is recommended to have other books and materials, the apps may certainly be valuable additions and provide you with an advantage over other students.

There are several Android applications available to help JEE Main students. We have compiled a list of the top Android Apps for IIT JEE 2021 Preparation.


Yschool is known for its high-quality material, systematic approach to students’ careers, and 24X7 availability of mentors and operations for any coaching or online product-related questions. The aim of the Yschool android learning app is to provide quality content on different courses.

Some of their past results,

NEET/ AIPMTRANK 2, 4, 12, 26, 34
JEE MAINSRANK 2, 23, 38, 49, 74
JEE ADVANCEDRANK 3, 16, 23, 59, 116
  • 500+ selections in top IITs
  • 1000+ selections in Medical colleges

  • Over 1000 Videos
  • Every chapter in a course has chapter exams and assignments. (300,000 or more questions, timed)
  • IIT alumni power Yschool’s learning method.
  • All users can benefit from a task-based learning system.
  • Deeper analytics on student performance with recommendations for increasing academic performance.
DOWNLOADS50,000 plus


This android learning app has one of the top ratings among JEE Main 2021 Preparation applications. It provides a comprehensive learning solution for students studying for JEE MAINS and other competitive examinations, such as NEET, AIIMS, and JIMPER, among others. The app’s structured learning materials and tailored preparation interface are its highlights. The software also allows you to establish learning objectives and attain them within a specified time limit.

DOWNLOADS10,000,000 plus


The Unacademy Android Learning app is one of India’s major learning mobile applications. It offers lessons in a variety of disciplines delivered by exam toppers. The lectures are completely free and allow you to communicate with the educators via the comment area. It features 14K+ top experts, 1,000,000+ videos, and 1.5K live lessons in 12+ languages. The learning app not only meets the needs of JEE Main preparations but also provides preparation help for a variety of other medical, engineering, and state-level competitive examinations.

DOWNLOADS10,000,000 plus
SIZE3.53 or Varies with device


The mobile application has a collection of many past-year questions from JEE exams. This study app is available offline and includes questions and answers for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The edtech app also includes solutions to the JEE Advanced test. The learning app’s advantages are that it is quick and works even when you are not connected to the internet. However, because it only includes a few questions and solutions, the program may not benefit from prolonged preparation.

DOWNLOADS10,000 plus


The PCM Formulas learning application provides a useful reference tool for revision. PCM Formulas app is more of a guidebook that contains all the important formulas in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. It also includes useful information such as the periodic table for easy reference. The techniques have been organized into separate chapters, and it introduces new formulae regularly. We are all aware that revision is the most important aspect of any test preparation. The PCM Formulae Android app recognizes this and so provides you with a compilation of all the formulas, equations, theorems, and postulates that are a part of the JEE Main Preparation test.

DOWNLOADS100,000, plus


The study app includes all former year JEE MAIN/AIEEE question papers and answers from the previous 12 years. With the ability to assess your preparations with JEE criteria, the mobile application might be quite beneficial to aspirants. Moreover, with the relevance of Previous Year Papers for JEE Main 2021 practice in mind, the app gives you a genuine opportunity to test your knowledge of JEE Standards.

DOWNLOADS100,000 plus
DEVELOPERDigi Book Technologies Pvt. Ltd
SIZEVaries with device


The app is well-equipped to help you with your JEE Main preparations for 2021. It provides consumers with an interactive learning experience. You can assess your preparedness by completing quizzes available on this learning app. They draw the questions in these quizzes from various sources, including NCERTs, JEE Previous Papers, and Mock Papers. As a result, the software covers a wide range of topics that come in JEE Main 2021.

DOWNLOADS10,000 plus
DEVELOPERChandan Kumar

There are several similar Android applications for JEE Main 2021 preparation accessible in the Google Play store. However, these are the finest Android applications for IIT JEE preparation.

I hope this was a useful read for JEE Main 2021 applicants. Best wishes.

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10 common Mistakes to avoid while preparing for JEE mains

IIT is the most challenging test for engineering students to pass. As essential as it is for them, it is also tricky. Many applicants take this test every year to get admission to their desired institutes, such as IITs and NITs. So, if you want to pursue a job in which there is much competition, you must choose the proper preparation techniques. Preparation and processes must be flawless since even a single mistake might impede the path to success.

You must change things up a little and devise an efficient and error-free JEE Main preparation strategy. However, first, let us look at some frequent errors you should avoid during your JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparation.

Let’s start with the JEE Mains, and Advanced Exam do’s and don’ts.

Always begin with a simple section that is scoring and less risky in the exam.Do Not Begin with Long and Difficult Questions.  
Always plan ahead of time before tackling a paper.Do Not Make Silly Calculation Errors in Exams, Do Not Use Guessing Tricks, and Try to Avoid Negative Markings (Read JEE Advanced Exam Pattern)  
Maintain Your Calm and MotivationDo not forget to bring the necessary materials and stationery to the exam hall.  

The following are the 10 points that you should incorporate into your study routine to achieve a good mark in the forthcoming JEE Main examination:


 Suppose you believe that you must dedicate a specific amount of hours to JEE Main 2022 preparation. Then there are instances when you sit quietly in front of books but gain nothing since you lose focus due to being overwhelmed. Therefore, you should not aim for a certain amount of hours, but rather for specific subjects or chapters to be covered in such a manner that you get in-depth knowledge rather than knowing it all superficially and being stumped when a tricky question arises in the test. As a result, you should understand that you must maintain your JEE Main preparation quality, which will undoubtedly lead to quantity after a clear framework.


At times, students who do not comprehend the technique behind a specific question rush through the question as quickly as possible to move on to the next. While doing so, you might choose the most obvious answer, falling into the trap of the examiner and attempting the incorrect solution. It is usually advised for you to analyze their JEE Main 2022 preparation and try the questions with complete focus. Understand the question first, and then perform your computations without looking at the four alternatives that follow. Check to see if the results of your calculations fit any of the choices that follow or go on to another without focusing on that topic for the past few minutes. In this manner, you won’t waste your time on a single question.


Being a JEE aspirant, you constantly refer to different sources to gather more and more knowledge but often neglect to take your brief notes on what you have read. As a result, you cover virtually the whole curriculum but remember very little since you lack any small messages that may aid in review. If you are preparing for JEE, the ideal technique to study subjects is to take notes at bullet points or, if workable, flow charts or tables. This will help you with last-minute revision and remembering information for extended periods.


Many students believe that revision is a task that should be completed once and for all, and as a result, they continue to cover more syllabus from the very beginning of their preparation. However, you realize that revision is not a last-minute option but something that must be done regularly. Science is one topic that demands comprehensive comprehension as well as memorizing facts. Therefore, you should revise every week to ensure that what you learn does not leave your memory.


If you study continuously for more than 2 hours, you will not comprehend the concepts and have that learning capability. On the contrary, if you learn for an hour and then take a 15-30 minute break, you will be more able to study and focus.  Therefore, when checking for JEE Main, a structured study plan should determine how much time is spent relaxing and performing things that do not put you under a lot of mental or optical strain.


If you study for hours and focus on things that interest you, you will miss critical topics in JEE Main. For example, if you notice that you are not very good at physics, seek out concepts and derivations to ensure that you do not receive a worse grade in physics. While concentrating on physics, you wind up blatantly disregarding the other two topics (mathematics and chemistry). It is essential for you to create a timetable and split courses to focus on the areas you are not so strong at while still keeping up with the ones you are. In a crucial test like JEE Main, scoring subjects should never be overlooked.


If you are totally immersed in learning new concepts regularly, and the race to learn more and more continues, you will escape the time of self-analysis. As a result, you are oblivious to what you know well, and you will be unable to determine which study subject demands your focus to get a higher JEE Main result 2022. As a result, this is another element of JEE Main preparation in which you commonly make errors. To solve this, a section for previous JEE Main question papers should be included so that you can understand where you are weak and need to improve.


Humans have a natural propensity to say, “I’ll do it starting tomorrow.” Students usually rush to create a daily plan. Wake up, study, eat, study, sleep, study, study, and study some more. This sounds really encouraging and inspiring at first, but after a while, it becomes boring. Making a timetable will not help you win this war; you must remain motivated. Include some recreational things in your calendar as well. This allows you to refresh your brain and get it concentrated and energetic. Maintain your motivation and never give up on your objective! You will experience challenges during your preparation, but don’t let them demotivate you.


 Mock Tests are practice tests that serve as a reflection of your skillset. Mock exams allow you to prepare for the final exam. In addition, they assist you in evaluating and analyzing your performance and degree of preparedness. These exams simulate the actual exam, allowing you to improve your speed and accuracy when answering questions. Tests should never be skipped because they are the most crucial preparation component, combined with regular revision.

  1. TRYING TO COVER THE WHOLE JEE Main syllabus 2021:

If you are given a large laddoo, you will not try to guzzle it down. Instead, you will consume it in tiny bits. Attempting to finish a whole laddoo might result in significant complications. So why try to cover the entire JEE Main 2020 curriculum in one sitting? Pick one section at a time, complete it, and then move on to the next. Maintain a constant pace for your study process and set specific yet achievable goals. Begin your JEE Main preparation as soon as possible so that you have ample time to cover all of the topics on your JEE Main curriculum without feeling rushed. Prepare a JEE main study schedule so that you may continue to revise completed chapters while starting new ones. A better study strategy for IIT JEE, combined with an appropriate review, will result in a higher JEE Main score.

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, everyone is confined to their homes, making study challenging. First, clear your questions with the abundant test preparation materials and JEE mentoring help on the Yschool learning app. Then, to learn more, ask the expert to answer your questions within 24 hours.

 If you wish to avoid making silly mistakes in JEE main and JEE advance, the Yschool learning app may serve as your JEE Main preparation guide. In addition, you may participate in Yschool learning webinars where professionals discuss their experience with JEE Main test errors and give helpful JEE Main preparation advice.


JEE Main and JEE Advanced are challenging tests. Make it simpler for yourself to approach JEE test 2020 properly so that you do not make preventable blunders throughout your JEE Main preparation.

I hope that these lists of typical JEE Main and Advanced errors committed by students and IIT JEE Do’s and Don’ts during the test will assist you in making your preparation more efficient and successful.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments area below.


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Ten Common Mistakes to avoid while preparing for NEET 2021

NEET is the eligibility and entrance test for admission to government and private medical institutions in India and overseas, making it one of the country’s most challenging competitive exams. It is not true that every NEET candidate devotes their entire attention to test preparation, but 70 to 80 percent of them do their utmost to succeed.

There are only 83,000 MBBS places in India, and the applications totaled 16.8 lakhs. It is the most challenging competition with the highest stress levels, and a single blunder will cost you the precious opportunity. Given the level of competitiveness, it is unavoidable that every mark matters, and a single error costs you more than you deserve.

With the tight competition and minor errors costing applicants, it is critical to recognize your mistakes and learn from them to avoid repeating them.

Mistakes are stepping stones to achievement and success in the examination. It is essential to recognize and learn from your mistakes to prevent repeating them. You should view NEET 2021 preparation errors as stepping stones toward achieving a high rank. Make as many errors as you can throughout the preparation period and learn from them to rectify them and achieve a great rank on the NEET 2021 primary test.

Besides the NEET 2021 preparation approach, study tips, and techniques, it is also essential to be aware of the typical blunders students make when studying for the test. For example, you can significantly improve your NEET 2021 scores and rank by avoiding the following errors.

Ignoring the core concept of the exam

 Before taking NEET 2021 competitive tests, grasp the core concept of the examination.

  1. the overall number of questions
  2. the number of questions from each topic
  3. Allocation of points to each chapter
  4. Any negative evaluations
  5. The total time allotted
  6. When should you arrive?
  7. What are the essential items to bring?

 Paying little attention to NCERT books for those preparing for NEET 2021, NCERT Books are the oracle. It is the closest and most important study resource for the test. You will come across questions based on or similar to NCERT answered examples and back exercise questions. In NEET question papers, it frames directly specific biology questions from NCERT textbooks, while others are framed indirectly from NCERT textbooks. Taking NCERT casually might cost you a lot and have a terrible impact on your NEET 2021 exam score. Books and Materials Searching for the best accessible books and resources may be the first thing any aspirant does, but having more books would not assist. Rather than purchasing more books or resources, double-check the books and supplies required for the preparation. NCERT books play an essential part in NEET preparation, and focusing on them alongside your class contents will provide excellent outcomes.

1. Plan & Schedule

No task can be practical unless it is planned and scheduled at the time and technique, and the same applies to NEET 2021 preparation. Lack of planning is a typical error that distinguishes sincere NEET applicants from non-serious ones. Therefore, you must design a timetable that balances all the advantages and cons. The essential aspect is preparing a NEET timetable based on the days for the test and the time/hours that aspirants want to schedule to study. Do not follow others or ready-made timetables; instead, create your own based on your preferences and challenges.

4. Self-Assessment

Every preparation requires self-evaluation, and objective assessment is the winning factor where most people fool themselves by believing: “at first I intended to select that correct answer only, no issue, I will choose it properly in the test.” This is a standard error that many people make. Avoiding the correct analysis and creating bogus justifications for past actions will not benefit you. Making errors is not a terrible thing, but failing to learn from them is the true path to failure. Instead, be alert while analyzing yourself, be honest with yourself, and perform as many evaluations as possible to grasp the ideas.

5. Ignoring the portions that you find difficult to comprehend

Ignoring an issue will only worsen it. Rather than running away from the chapter, it is essential to rack your brains and attempt to understand and grasp it. Use technology to its maximum potential by watching online videos created by expert educators. A 3D depiction of a biological process or notion can help you understand it. It will assist you in comprehending, visualizing, and connecting processes/concepts. You may also attend live courses to get your

6.      Don’t Neglect

Do not neglect your syllabus and rush to the conclusion that it will not be in the test or that this chapter was not covered last year and will not be covered this year too. Avoiding the ideas and coursework is a massive error that most candidates make. Instead of neglecting any of the critical subjects offered, thorough preparation of all of them is the correct approach to go.

7. Smart Work

Everyone claims that hard effort pays, but instead of working hard, be wise and smartly perform the task. Spending hours on study and revision produces excellent results, but studying in a conceptual approach and comparing your knowledge with all the accessible questions on the topic helps to better hold on to the topic. In addition, knowing how to solve complex problems quickly and understanding time-saving strategies is an intelligent approach to save a lot of time in the exam.

8. Equal Weighting

Giving equal weight to all topics is another essential aspect of avoiding NEET preparation errors. Every subject is worth the same number of points and is equally significant. The main difference is that some people find physics or chemistry challenging to understand, so investing a little more time is good; neglecting Biology is not recommended.

9. Mock Exams regularly

Students frequently cannot do mock tests systematically; instead, they attend the college/institute-provided mock tests and believe that this is sufficient. This is a significant oversight on your side; you should develop the practice of taking mock exams chapter by chapter, topic by subject, and entire tests. Attempting all accessible mock exams for one chapter provides you with a firm grasp on the subject and helps you comprehend the many sorts of questions posed from that chapter.

10. Full NEET Exams

Students assume that completing entire exams once a month or before the exam will suffice to pass the exam. Practicing the NEET complete test regularly, on the other hand, would undoubtedly help you get positive results and decrease the usual mistakes you make during exams. Therefore, try to write the entire exams at least three times a week, preferably in the afternoons, since this will undoubtedly help you pass the real NEET 2021 exam.

Pro Tip:

Believe in yourself that you can accomplish it. Hope these tips were helpful to you and they will help you perform well in your upcoming exams. If you have questions about the NEET 2021 test, please leave a comment below.

Wish you all the very best for NEET 2021!

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How to score 150+ in Physics and Chemistry in NEET–Scoring Guide

Every student hopes to get good grades while studying for exams. During this critical period, you seek effective ways to spend your time studying and learning. However, finding the correct answer “how to score good marks in NEET 2021” is not always easy.

Every year, around 10 lakh candidates take the NEET exam to compete for 1 lakh places in various medical and dental institutions throughout the nation. That speaks a lot about the level of competition that medical students face when they begin their NEET exam preparation.

Because the level of competition in NEET exam is quite high, you must be well-prepared to get admission to one of the country’s top medical schools. If you did not study enough in Class 11, now is the time to pull up your socks and go to action. Because the NEET course contains over 13,000 topics, your NEET exam preparation must be excellent.

If you want to know how to get 150+ in Physics and Chemistry on the NEET 2021, continue reading. In this article, Yschool specialists have provided thorough knowledge for NEET aspirants about everything they need to know to get 150+ in NEET Physics and NEET Chemistry on the NEET 2021.

Before we go into how to achieve 150+ in Physics and Chemistry on the NEET 2021, let’s have a look at the test itself:

 Name of Examination National Eligibility cum Entrance Test
 Acronym Used Commonly NEET
 Conducting Body Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
 Mode Written
 Subjects 4
 Time Limit 3 Hours
 Total Questions 180
 Subject Wise Questions 45
 Maximum Marks 720
 Marks per Question 4
 Negative Marking Yes (-1)
 Courses Offered through the exam MBBS, BDS

The National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NEET) covers areas such as physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology.

NEET Marking Scheme

Total Marks720
Total Questions180
Marks Awarded for Correct Answer4
Marks Deducted for the Wrong Answer (Negative Marking)1
Marks Deducted for  Unanswered QuestionsNone

NEET Marking Scheme Subject-wise

Biology (Botany and Zoology)90360

Many NEET aspirants concentrate on the Biology and Zoology parts of the NEET test. However, if you want to get over 600 points in the NEET 2021 exam, you must focus on the Physics and chemistry parts of the test.

Further, we will share the finest NEET exam strategies that will assist you in planning how to gain 150+ marks in the NEET Physics and NEET Chemistry portions.

Before the examinations, you must wonder if NCERT books are adequate for NEET chemistry study or whether HC Verma books are adequate for the NEET examination. We will answer all of your questions in this post, leaving no room for uncertainty in your NEET exam preparation.

You have got an opportunity to score better. Following tips and tricks will surely help you to prepare for your NEET exams in the best way possible.

  • Follow a proper diet:

Having nutritious food, drinks, and juices offers high energy and protein, allowing the brain to operate quickly and also help you remember what you learned. Increase your diet of fruits and green vegetables while simultaneously increasing your intake of proteins and healthy fats. Furthermore, our bodies are composed of 70% water, thus it is critical to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly. Consume a sufficient quantity of protein in your diet to help you focus on your NEET exam preparation and to build your physical strength.

  • Maintain and Follow a Time-table :

The first and most important thing you have to do is write down a timetable and have it near your study table. If you have a timetable, the time for all of your NEET topics will be allocated equally. Make a weekly or monthly schedule. This way, you’ll know what you’ll be studying the next day, and sticking to a study plan will save you plenty of time for planning every day and preparing each part or subject. Making a schedule only for the sake of the term would be ineffective. You must strictly adhere to this.

  • Make a List:

 • A list of the chapters you must cover in NEET 2021.

• A list of your strong and weak areas of expertise. So you can get a sense of which topics require more attention and time, and then prepare for your NEET exam appropriately.

  • Clear Your Concepts :

When you are learning something, the notion should be clear enough so that you can learn more easily. NEET Physics is a topic that covers all practical applications and principles, as well as certain numerical calculations. As a result, if you have any confusing notions, clarify them right away. NEET Chemistry, on the other hand, is concerned with reactions, atomic structures, and so on. As a result, your point of view on this should be clear. Therefore, understand the concepts rather than mugging them up.

  • Choose the Most Beneficial Study Material :

Better study resources enable better learning. As a result, all NEET study materials must be gathered. Although NCERT books may not appear to be sufficient to achieve a score of 150 in these two topics, it is critical that you completely review them before going on to other NEET reference books. In addition to NCERT, HC Verma is an excellent resource for Physics, while OP Tandon is an excellent resource for Chemistry. You can go for online learning solutions and join NEET online classes to score better in NEET 2021 exam.

  • Consistent practice:

If you truly want to know how to get 150+ in Physics and Chemistry on the NEET 2021 exam, you must grasp the need for frequent NEET exam preparation. Physics is concerned with numbers, but Chemistry is concerned with diagrams and bonding structures. They appear to be simple, yet they are not. Because numerical questions comprise up 80 percent of the Physics paper, make some effort to practice numerical questions based on one topic before moving on to the next. Also, anytime you learn a formula, practice answering a few questions based on it to ensure you completely grasp how to apply it.

  • Get a Teacher:  

You may prepare for your NEET exam on your own, but if you are unable to do so, get a tutor with experience in this subject. An experienced individual will always point you in the proper direction. If you are unable to enroll in an institute owing to the pandemic, you might take advantage of various NEET online courses provided by institutes. As an example, consider the yschool learning app. 

  • Mock Tests are used as a trial run.

It’s a good idea to practice with NEET sample papers and prior year papers. However, you must prepare yourself to deal with the test room pressure. To do so, you must complete all NEET mock tests in a timed scenario. This will help you understand how to think on your feet throughout the exam. Not only that, but it also lets you know the pattern, the sorts of questions that are asked in the NEET exams, the amount of time given, and many other crucial data. When you practice the previous year’s question papers, you acquire a sense of how much time you need to finish, and your time management improves.

  • Create Your Own Space:

You must have a distinct area or location where you can study without being distracted. This might be your study room, balcony, patio, or even a library. Study in a peaceful location that is well-organized. Keep essential things, such as notes and stationery, close to reaching. Arrange your NEET books and NEET exam study materials carefully to prevent misplacing notes and resources.

  • Do Not Leave Any Topic Unfinished:

The most common error that students do is jumping from one topic to another. This, by far, is the most severe misstep. Study sequentially to avoid missing any essential subjects presented in the various chapters. You may register for applications such as Yschool and receive that added benefit if you want organized chapter content. It will make your preparations easier and allow you to stay on schedule.

Pro Tip:

It is not difficult to get high grades; you simply need to prepare for NEET 2021 carefully. The above-mentioned techniques and tricks would work like magic. If you are a serious student looking for a place in one of the finest institutions for your future studies, then simply follow these instructions and study hard. This post has attempted to include all feasible tips that, if followed, would get you 150+ in Physics and Chemistry. 

Best wishes, young Aspirants!

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