10 Habits You Need to Learn to Crack Competitive Exams

Googling hacks, tips, and tricks to excel in your competitive exams such as JEE or NEET is not something different in a student’s life. While these online solutions can boost your morale, contrarily they may backfire. Also, ruin the right strategy for your Competitive Exams.

Have you wondered what toppers do differently to qualify for the same exam? The answer is “Habit”. As Tony Robbins says, “It is not what you do once in a while that makes you successful, it’s what you do consistently. “A good habit is a trait of an achiever, and that’s something you need to latch on to top the chart. Since the exam season is here, our blog on ’10 Habits You Need to Learn to Crack Competitive Exams” is going to be a helpful tool in building the strategy for your JEE/ NEET exams.

Here are the 10 Habits You Need to Learn to Crack Competitive Exams:

1. Set An Aim During Your Exam

If you don’t have any aim before preparation for any exam, the entire effort goes to waste (and it is not bound to your studies). Establishing an aim should be the first and utmost habit you need to learn to crack competitive exams. As an aspirant. You must set a goal for a certain competitive examination, and make sure you follow to qualify for the exam.
For example: If you have decided to finish a topic from Chemistry by evening, set a target by 6 PM or 7 PM, you will be able to finish the topic. This way you are surpassing the clutter of piling up the topics for the next day, and it goes without disturbing your learning roster.

2. It Is Good To Read

Do you know one thing about all of these successful people- They all love to read, YES! Reading is not just a habit to crack exams, it has become a part of the DNA of these successful people you admire. Be it Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, they invested time in reading books. In an interview, when Warren was asked about his success mantra, he replied “Read 500 pages every day”. The same goes with Bill Gates, he reads 50 books every year. Once you inculcate the habit of reading, learning becomes easy. Also, it helps you in understanding the topic much better and faster than ever, tat why students who are fond of reading are better at learning. Make reading a religious habit and see the magic yourself.

3. Set Your Priorities

By all means, we know Education is the topmost priority thing in anyone’s life. Especially, when you are preparing for competitive exams: JEE/ NEET, you don’t have to think twice. If you are aware toppers always set their priorities for better results. If you are taking any competitive exams, set your priorities and plan their preparation. For achieving excellent results, one has to be clear about the preparation. Always remember, to score well for your favorite college for that dream profession. You may have to sacrifice travel, celebrations, parties, etc. You will prioritize it right today, it will repay you the best.

4. Wear Confidence As Your Favorite Accessory

Confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. When you are confident you automatically vanish hurdles in opportunities and boost chances of winning. Confidence is a must-have habit in a student to crack competitive exams. Qualifying examinations like JEE/ NEET is not a kid’s play. It requires focus, dedication, time management, and lots of hard work. So where does it come from? It starts from believing in yourself. Right Confidence and a positive attitude can lead you anywhere you want to be.

5. Remember To Assess Yourself

Sometimes a Self- assessment does wonders for your performance in exams. So why shouldn’t make it a habit you must have to learn to qualify for your engineering examination. An assessment can help you in identifying and rectifying your mistakes, weak points, and strengths. Assessment allows you to work on the area of improvement for better outcomes. Once you are actively assessing yourself at regular intervals, it also helps you in your time management while attempting your exams. There are many digital learning applications like Yschool- the learning app available on the google play store. You can practice, take revision, and mock tests to assess yourself for better learning.

6. Making Notes Enhances Productivity While Learning For Exams

We cannot mug up the whole syllabus, that’s why we need to filter the important topics and take notes. Making notes is one of the most must-have habits you need to learn for your upcoming competitive examinations. Prepare the important concepts that you need to work upon, and then make notes as per your comfort and style. There are several ways- (The outline method, The Cornell method, or The Boxing method). Once you have notes ready for each important concept, you don’t have to go through the entire chapter. Creating notes aids revision and save time, do not forget to check your notes before you appear for your exam.

7. Learning For Short Intervals

Learning for a longer period impacts retention of the concepts. That’s why it is advised to learn in short intervals of time. You can divide chapters into small sections and units, and give an hour to the subject, followed by a 15 minutes break, and move on to the next chapter. Always remember consistency matters over how much time you offer to a particular topic. Studying for a longer duration affects effective learning of the subject as we miss out on the greater percentage of the information. Learning in intervals allows us to retain it with 100 percent accuracy all that you want to learn.

8. Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Is Must During Competitive Exams

How one would attain effective learning without having a healthy lifestyle? it Is nearly impossible. To perform better, our health must be at its best. If your health, both physical and mental are sound, learning becomes hundred times better. Ask any topper, and you will learn that toppers maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle for good results. Our body requires a certain amount of energy to run, and it comes from the right food you consume and the right amount of sleep you take. A healthy lifestyle comprises a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a good amount of timely sleep. Having a habit of a healthy lifestyle improves your learning and boosts the understanding of concepts better.
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9. Focus On Retention When You learn During Exam Preparation

If you are one of those who still consider mugging up will benefit you on the long go, then this is definitely for you. It is necessary to master the concept first rather than memorizing it. There comes the role of retention in a student’s life. If you will try to memorize the concept as it, there are chances of writing it in 500 words (because you memorized it that way, in 500 words). Once you grasp the topic well, you will retain the information for a long time and you can apply or explain it as per the question demands. The purpose of the competition exam is to test your theoretical knowledge to the point of its application. For example, if you understand the Area of Circle formula: π r2 but you don’t know how to use it in a problem. That’s why it is very important to understand the topic to retain it well.

10. Revision Is Golden Rule To Qualify Competitive Exams

Have you seen any topper starting with a new topic just a day before the examination, well to be honest! I haven’t. Toppers swear by revision habit to brush their concepts. It is one of the very important habits You Need to Learn to Crack Competitive Exams. It is not possible to revise the whole syllabus a day prior exam. Revision helps you to identify your loopholes and strengths, and you can analyze them for strong future preparation. Always remember to revise the chapters that need more time.


As an aspirant, you must possess perseverance and patience, and always ready to understand that failure is just a part of the process, It not necessary that you will get through in your first attempt. Take your failure as learning not hurdles in your pathway and good habits are catalysts in the process. I hope you have absorbed a lot from the 10 Habits You Need to Learn to Crack Competitive Exams and will try to inculcate them religiously. I wish you All The Best. In case you have some more suggestions to add, comment in the box below.

“If you pick the right small behavior and sequence it right, then you won’t have to motivate yourself to have it grow. It will just happen naturally, like a good seed planted in a good spot.” ―BJ Fogg.

Happy Learning!

– Dr. Pratibha Gihar

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