Complete JEE Syllabus(NTA)

Please download the recommended JEE syllabus as per NTA in this blog. We are not making any changes to it to preserve the sanctity of the same as we want you to take every topic seriously. However nonetheless, we have covered everything in our app + study curriculum so you need not worry about it. 

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Best ed-tech apps for productive studies online

Education technology is one of the most revolutionary and rapidly-spanning areas of tech today. With time, classrooms have migrated from the hefty desktops to technology-infused mobile phones and tablets. The new generation is beyond traditional text information and vibrant images, they are fond of technology, be it playing games or to be an aspiring Morse code learner. Simplifying the learning process and enhancing productivity, Ed-tech apps are drawing the attention of students from all over the globe. Ed-tech tools are a creative amalgamation of classic academic resources and newly- fangled notions of learning that are brilliantly served in the form of interactive online courses, videos, live streaming, recorded lectures, etc. With numerous Edtech applications scattered all over the internet, finding the “one” is a task. Here we are with the “The best 8 Edtech apps to enhance productivity”. These Ed-tech apps are brilliantly designed prioritizing the pace and learning style of students. 

Let’s dig into it and help you out to choose the right pick for you. 

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