IIT is the most challenging test for engineering students to pass. As essential as it is for them, it is also tricky. Many applicants take this test every year to get admission to their desired institutes, such as IITs and NITs. So, if you want to pursue a job in which there is much competition, you must choose the proper preparation techniques. Preparation and processes must be flawless since even a single mistake might impede the path to success.

You must change things up a little and devise an efficient and error-free JEE Main preparation strategy. However, first, let us look at some frequent errors you should avoid during your JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparation.

Let’s start with the JEE Mains, and Advanced Exam do’s and don’ts.

Always begin with a simple section that is scoring and less risky in the exam.Do Not Begin with Long and Difficult Questions.  
Always plan ahead of time before tackling a paper.Do Not Make Silly Calculation Errors in Exams, Do Not Use Guessing Tricks, and Try to Avoid Negative Markings (Read JEE Advanced Exam Pattern)  
Maintain Your Calm and MotivationDo not forget to bring the necessary materials and stationery to the exam hall.  

The following are the 10 points that you should incorporate into your study routine to achieve a good mark in the forthcoming JEE Main examination:


 Suppose you believe that you must dedicate a specific amount of hours to JEE Main 2022 preparation. Then there are instances when you sit quietly in front of books but gain nothing since you lose focus due to being overwhelmed. Therefore, you should not aim for a certain amount of hours, but rather for specific subjects or chapters to be covered in such a manner that you get in-depth knowledge rather than knowing it all superficially and being stumped when a tricky question arises in the test. As a result, you should understand that you must maintain your JEE Main preparation quality, which will undoubtedly lead to quantity after a clear framework.


At times, students who do not comprehend the technique behind a specific question rush through the question as quickly as possible to move on to the next. While doing so, you might choose the most obvious answer, falling into the trap of the examiner and attempting the incorrect solution. It is usually advised for you to analyze their JEE Main 2022 preparation and try the questions with complete focus. Understand the question first, and then perform your computations without looking at the four alternatives that follow. Check to see if the results of your calculations fit any of the choices that follow or go on to another without focusing on that topic for the past few minutes. In this manner, you won’t waste your time on a single question.


Being a JEE aspirant, you constantly refer to different sources to gather more and more knowledge but often neglect to take your brief notes on what you have read. As a result, you cover virtually the whole curriculum but remember very little since you lack any small messages that may aid in review. If you are preparing for JEE, the ideal technique to study subjects is to take notes at bullet points or, if workable, flow charts or tables. This will help you with last-minute revision and remembering information for extended periods.


Many students believe that revision is a task that should be completed once and for all, and as a result, they continue to cover more syllabus from the very beginning of their preparation. However, you realize that revision is not a last-minute option but something that must be done regularly. Science is one topic that demands comprehensive comprehension as well as memorizing facts. Therefore, you should revise every week to ensure that what you learn does not leave your memory.


If you study continuously for more than 2 hours, you will not comprehend the concepts and have that learning capability. On the contrary, if you learn for an hour and then take a 15-30 minute break, you will be more able to study and focus.  Therefore, when checking for JEE Main, a structured study plan should determine how much time is spent relaxing and performing things that do not put you under a lot of mental or optical strain.


If you study for hours and focus on things that interest you, you will miss critical topics in JEE Main. For example, if you notice that you are not very good at physics, seek out concepts and derivations to ensure that you do not receive a worse grade in physics. While concentrating on physics, you wind up blatantly disregarding the other two topics (mathematics and chemistry). It is essential for you to create a timetable and split courses to focus on the areas you are not so strong at while still keeping up with the ones you are. In a crucial test like JEE Main, scoring subjects should never be overlooked.


If you are totally immersed in learning new concepts regularly, and the race to learn more and more continues, you will escape the time of self-analysis. As a result, you are oblivious to what you know well, and you will be unable to determine which study subject demands your focus to get a higher JEE Main result 2022. As a result, this is another element of JEE Main preparation in which you commonly make errors. To solve this, a section for previous JEE Main question papers should be included so that you can understand where you are weak and need to improve.


Humans have a natural propensity to say, “I’ll do it starting tomorrow.” Students usually rush to create a daily plan. Wake up, study, eat, study, sleep, study, study, and study some more. This sounds really encouraging and inspiring at first, but after a while, it becomes boring. Making a timetable will not help you win this war; you must remain motivated. Include some recreational things in your calendar as well. This allows you to refresh your brain and get it concentrated and energetic. Maintain your motivation and never give up on your objective! You will experience challenges during your preparation, but don’t let them demotivate you.


 Mock Tests are practice tests that serve as a reflection of your skillset. Mock exams allow you to prepare for the final exam. In addition, they assist you in evaluating and analyzing your performance and degree of preparedness. These exams simulate the actual exam, allowing you to improve your speed and accuracy when answering questions. Tests should never be skipped because they are the most crucial preparation component, combined with regular revision.

  1. TRYING TO COVER THE WHOLE JEE Main syllabus 2021:

If you are given a large laddoo, you will not try to guzzle it down. Instead, you will consume it in tiny bits. Attempting to finish a whole laddoo might result in significant complications. So why try to cover the entire JEE Main 2020 curriculum in one sitting? Pick one section at a time, complete it, and then move on to the next. Maintain a constant pace for your study process and set specific yet achievable goals. Begin your JEE Main preparation as soon as possible so that you have ample time to cover all of the topics on your JEE Main curriculum without feeling rushed. Prepare a JEE main study schedule so that you may continue to revise completed chapters while starting new ones. A better study strategy for IIT JEE, combined with an appropriate review, will result in a higher JEE Main score.

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JEE Main and JEE Advanced are challenging tests. Make it simpler for yourself to approach JEE test 2020 properly so that you do not make preventable blunders throughout your JEE Main preparation.

I hope that these lists of typical JEE Main and Advanced errors committed by students and IIT JEE Do’s and Don’ts during the test will assist you in making your preparation more efficient and successful.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments area below.